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How to Harmonize Melody Notes

Harmonizing the Melody Note E In this discussion of how to play piano chords the focus will be on how to harmonize a melody note.  We will use the Phrygian mode to assist in harmonizing a melody note.  In this

How To Play Piano Chords

Piano Chord Basics Piano chords are made from scales.  For this discussion we will use the major scale.  For those who may not be familiar with the formula for making the major scale it is a series of whole steps

Common Types Of Chord Substitution

Chord substitution is the tool for changing the harmony of a song.  You can add to or replace chords in a progression to create a different transition to the next chord or series of chords. You can group chord substitution

Jesus At The Center – Using the 5-1-4 Chord Progression

Learn how to apply a 5-1-4 chord progression to enrich the harmony of a song.

How to make and use the Dom7#5 Chord

In this Simple Chords tutorial you will learn how to make and use the Dom7#5 chord. An example of how to use the chord is applied to a passage in “Holy Is The Lamb” and “Say The Name”.

Chord Substitution – How To Add Chord Movement

This video will discuss how to use the circle of fourths to add chord movement to the basic chords of a song. It will show you how to add chords without altering the quality of the song.

What Does Learning To Play The Piano And Learning To Catch A Fish, Have In Common?

You have probably heard the saying…”give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.”  The principle is that it is more valuable to teach