Play Simple Chords is a one stop reference for beginner to intermediate church musicians hosted by Stanley Grady. The purpose of this site is to bring into one place information that helped me become a better worship musician in technical skill and spiritual purpose. Information that I believe can help you on your journey to become a better worship musician. By sharing with you the resources that helped me, I can help you by focusing on material that will make you fruitful and not frustrated.

I have had a passion for music all my life. I have admired other musicians and desired to become a piano player on a worship team. Over the years I have learned piano from many sources. I have spent time searching the internet for video tutorials, theory lessons, song lessons and more. Prior to the internet I took private lessons where I was “shown” more than I was “taught”. I now have the pleasure of being part of a worship team using my gift for Gods glory. The journey has been long and frustrating until I came in contact with the material I am going to share with you on this website.

I hope this resource will be a blessing to you and that you in turn will bless a church with your service. There are many churches that need worship musicians some may be able to compensate you for your service others may not. How you serve with your gift is between you and God. Remember who you serve.